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Corporation of the
Anglican Theological Review

The ATR is a not-for-profit corporation, registered in the State of Illinois, with offices at 1407 E. 60th Street, Chicago, IL 60637. Executive Committee members are indicated
by an asterisk.

President: *Roger A. Ferlo, Chicago, IL
Vice President: *C.K. Robertson, New York, NY
Secretary: *Robert MAcSwain, Sewanee, TN
Treasurer: *Sylvia Sweeney, Claremont, CA

Co-Editors in Chief: Jason Fout, Columbus, OH and Scott MacDougall, Berkeley, CA
Associate Editors: Julie Gittoes, Guildford, SRY, UK and Chloe Starr, New Haven, CT
Executive Director and Managing Editor: *Jacqueline B. Winter, Chicago, IL
Book Review Editors:
Jane Barter, Winnipeg, MB
Stephen D. Black, Barbados, WI
Jason Fout, Columbus, OH
Walter Hannam, Toronto, ON
Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook, Claremont, CA
Lucinda Mosher, Hartford, CT
Cheryl M. Peterson, Columbus, OH
Jacob Sherman, San Raphael, CA
Sofia Starnes, Williamsburg, VA 
Sylvia Sweeney, Claremont, CA
Poetry Editor: Sofia M. Starnes, Williamsburg, VA
Assistant Editors: Roberto Pamatmat, Des Plaines, IL and Dan Puchalla, Baton Rouge, LA

Representing Supporting Institutions
Kathryn Tanner, Berkeley Divinity School at Yale, New Haven, CT
Jason Fout, Bexley Seabury Seminary Federation, Chicago, IL
Sylvia Sweeney, Bloy House, Claremont, CA
Scott MacDougall, Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Berkeley, CA
Iain Luke, College of Emmanuel and St. Chad, Saskatoon, SK
Kelly Brown Douglas, Episcopal Divinity School, New York, NY
Joy Ann McDougall, Episcopal Studies Program, Candler School of Theology, Emory University, Atlanta, GA
Michael J. Battle, The General Theological Seminary, New York, NY
R. Todd Townshend, Huron University College, London, ON
Thomas Buchan, Nashotah House, Nashotah, WI
Kevin Flynn, Saint Paul University, Ottawa, ON
Anthony Baker, Seminary of the Southwest, Austin TX
Christopher Brittain, Trinity College, Toronto, ON
Don Collett, Trinity School for Ministry, Ambridge, PA
Robert MacSwain, The University of the South, Sewanee, TN
Richard Topping, Vancouver School of Theology, Vancouver, BC
Katherine Sonderegger, Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, VA
Joseph Mangina, Wycliffe College, Toronto, ON

Members at Large
Larry R. Benfield, Walter B.A. Brownridge, Samuel G. Candler, Patrick S. Cheng, William J. Danaher, Peter Eaton, Paul Feheley, *Roger A. Ferlo, Alan M. Gates, Christopher D. Girata, Rosemary D. Gooden, Scott Gunn, Gary R. Hall, Dwight N. Hopkins, Carlye J. Hughes, Jeffrey Lee (ex officio), *Eugene Y. Lowe, Jr., Jane Shaw, George Wayne Smith, Eugene T. Sutton, Barkley S. Thompson, Malcom Clemens Young

Rosemary D. Gooden,
Member at Large

Honorary Members at Large
G. P. Mellick Belshaw, O. C. Edwards, Jr., Frank T. Griswold, David R. Holeton, Alan W. Jones, Mark S. Sisk

Anglican Theological Review • 1407 E. 60th Street • Chicago, IL 60637 • (773) 380-7046