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Editorial Staff

Co-Editors in Chief:
Jason Fout, Columbus, OH
Scott MacDougall, Berkeley, CA

Associate Editors:
Julie Gittoes, Guildford, SRY, UK
Chloe Starr, New Haven, CT

Executive Director and Managing Editor:
Jacqueline B. Winter, Chicago, IL

Book Review Editors:
Jane Barter, Winnipeg, MB
Stephen D. Black, Barbados, WI
Jason Fout, Columbus, OH
Walter Hannam, Toronto, ON
Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook, Claremont, CA
Lucinda Mosher, Hartford, CT
Cheryl M. Peterson, Columbus, OH
Jacob Sherman, San Raphael, CA
Sofia Starnes, Williamsburg, VA
Sylvia Sweeney, Claremont, CA

Poetry Editor:
Sofia M. Starnes, Williamsburg, VA

Assistant Editors:
Roberto Pamatmat, Des Plaines, IL
Dan Puchalla, Baton Rouge, LA

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