Welcome to Conversations, where you will find articles from previous issues of the Anglican Theological Review that have stimulated discussion and response throughout the church. You may download and print these articles for use in your parish, diocese, classroom, reading group, and the like, citing the copyright permission provided.

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The Theological Interpretation of Scripture
In the last few decades, a new approach to reading the Bible has emerged in the academy: the theological interpretation of scripture. This method seeks to reengage ancient practices of reading the Bible.

Anglican Women at Prayer
The essays explore the multifaceted varieties of expression and international dimensions of the prayer of Anglican women today: from weavers in Tanzania and Fiji.

Creating Common Good
In today’s increasingly polarized economic and political climate, the effects of inequality on the fabric of society and the lives of individuals are the topic of lively national and international debate.

Marriage and the Church
What makes a marriage Christian? What does marriage mean in church and society today? The Episcopal Church’s Task Force on the Study of Marriage

Leadership and the Church Today
Providing effective leadership in the midst of complex change is a challenge for church leaders, as adaptive skills and new

The Open Table
Should we invite those not (yet) baptized to receive Holy Communion? A noticeable difference between theology and practice has developed

Even though the 1979 Book of Common Prayer designates baptism as full initiation into the Christian faith and confirmation is …

Homosexuality, Ethics, and the Church (Summer 2008)
Today Christians of all denominations are caught up in debates about how Christian theology and practice should address the many …

Theological Education in the Anglican Communion (Spring 2008)
Faith seeking understanding is an impulse of all Christians. Theological education thus involves all people of faith, not just future …