Winter 2019 • Volume 101 • Number 1

Preaching Matters!
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Michael B. Curry
PrefaceA. Gary Shilling
Editor’s Notes
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C. K. Robertson1
Context, Craft, and Kerygma: Two Thousand Years of Great Sermons
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Clair W. McPherson9
The Power of Proclamation in the New Testament
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Douglas C. Mohrmann27
Unapologetic Apologetics: The Essence of Black Anglican Preaching
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Harold T. Lewis45
Practicing Theology
Preaching for Congregational Vitality
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Susan Brown Snook67
Preaching Online
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Tripp Hudgins79
Preaching in Bilingual and Multicultural Contexts
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Alberto R. Cutié89
Preaching in a Politically Divided Age
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An Interview with Luis León and Randolph Marshall Hollerith97
The Sermon in the Twenty-First Century
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Stephen Smith105
Narrative Preaching
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Samuel Wells109
Preaching on Issues of the Day
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Robert C. Wright117
Metaphor in Preaching
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Kate Spelman123
Something Else Is Lacking: Remembering Fred B. Craddock
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William Brosend129
Burning BushRichard Green137
ExodusJudy Little138
The Last GardenC. B. Anderson140
Round TripMarjorie Maddox141
StrayingBonnie Naradzay142
SaintsEwan MacPherson144
Review Article
Preaching from Where You Are: Culture in Homiletics
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Micah Jackson145
Book Reviews on Preaching
O. Wesley Allen Jr., Preaching in the Era of TrumpWill Mebane155
William Brosend, The Homiletical Question: An Introduction to Liturgical PreachingLisa Cressman158
Fred Craddock, Craddock on the Craft of Preaching, Lee Sparks and Kathryn Hayes Sparks, editorsO. C. Edwards Jr.159
O. C. Edwards Jr., A History of Preaching, vol. 1
O. C. Edwards Jr., A History of Preaching, vol. 2
Sylvia Sweeney161
Ian S. Markham and Samantha R. E. Gottlich, Lectionary Levity: The Use of Humor in PreachingBrent Norris163
Jacob D. Myers, Preaching Must Die! Troubling Homiletical TheologyStephen Smith164
Frank A. Thomas, How to Preach a Dangerous SermonPeter Eaton166
Book Reviews
Leila Aboulela, Elsewhere, HomeSusan Butterworth169
Matthew Bullimore, editor, Graced Life: The Writings of John HughesR. William Carroll172
James Calvin Davis, Forbearance: A Theological Ethic for a Disagreeable ChurchJon Kara Shields175
Rita George-Tvrtković, Christians, Muslims, and Mary
John Kaltner and Younus Y. Mirza, The Bible and the Qur’an
Jonathan Homrighausen178
William Greenway, The Challenge of Evil: Grace and the Problem of SufferingChristopher Southgate181
Jennifer Harvey, Raising White Kids: Bringing Up Children in a Racially Unjust AmericaSheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook183
Jennifer Constantine Jackson, Conversation, Friendship and Transformation: Contemporary and Medieval Voices in a Theology of DiscourseJacob Sherman186
Matthew V. Novenson, The Grammar of Messianism: An Ancient Jewish Political Idiom and Its UsersDavid D. Thomas190
John C. Peckham, Canonical Theology: The Biblical Canon, Sola Scriptura, and Theological MethodRoger Revell193
David W. Peters, Post-traumatic God: How the Church Cares for People Who Have Been to Hell and BackKempton D. Baldridge196
Ephraim Radner, ChurchKathryn L. Reinhard199
Cody J. Sanders, A Brief Guide to Ministry with LGBTQIA YouthAmy McCreath202
Regina Walton, The Yearning LifeAnya Silver203