The ATR frequently receives inquiries and requests from students, clergy, and teachers in many parts of the world who find that the price of a subscription is beyond their means. From time to time we have been able to meet these requests. One example is a seminarian in Cuba. “My wishes to subscribe to the Review have been sadly roadblocked by facts beyond my will,” he wrote, “and you have turned it all into a reality, with generosity and good will.” Receiving the journal, he continued, “is going to be an occasion to celebrate both the beautiful mind of our faith and the generosity of another child of God.”

Then there is the former professor in Vanuatu, who wrote to say: “I want to thank you with all my heart for the complimentary subscription that you all have sent,” and went on to tell us that he had been moved to a new ministry in the Solomon Islands. “I brought with me every copy of the ATR that you sent me. Is it possible for you to change my address and for me to keep receiving it? Even though I can’t afford a subscription, I do read every word and talk about the articles with our students.”

Requests like these are multiplying. Because we are convinced that readers of the ATR agree that sharing the journal with friends throughout the Anglican Communion is an important part of our mission, we have established an Overseas Subscription Fund to meet this real and pressing need. Your donation to the Fund will be used to send subscriptions to individuals who cannot afford them, but who are keen to learn from the thinking of the authors whose work we publish. Who knows where in the world a contribution might enable someone to read every word?