In today’s increasingly polarized economic and political climate, the effects of inequality on the fabric of society and the lives of individuals are the topic of lively national and international debate. How can we rediscover the value of working for the common good? What role might the church play in bringing theological wisdom to bear on the pressing economic and social questions of our time?

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The Winter 2016 issue, guest edited by Sathianathan Clarke, Ian T. Douglas, and Kathryn Tanner, includes addresses from the 2015 Trinity Institute “Creating Common Good” by Archbishop Justin Welby, Barbara Ehrenreich, Juliet B. Schor, and Bishop Julio E. Murray. It also features articles on questions of economic injustice, debt, race, human dignity, and collaborative mission by Willis Jenkins, Amaryah Jones-Armstrong, Scott Bader-Saye, Luke Bretherton, Beverly Eileen Mitchell, and Bishop Ian T. Douglas.

The timely essays included in this issue are especially appropriate for study and discussion in parish forums, small groups, and academic seminars. A discussion guide has been developed by Bishop Eugene Sutton and Professor Scott MacDougall, and is available for free download below.


Creating Common Good – A Guide for Study and Discussion
Anthony D. Baker, Editor in Chief; Sathianathan Clarke, Ian T. Douglas, and Kathryn Tanner, Guest Editors