Spring 2020 • Volume 102 • Number 2

Editors’ Notes

Guest Editors’ NotesLucinda Allen Mosher
and Robert S. Heaney


Public Theology:
Toward a Christian Definition
Ian S. Markham
Plural Politics as Christian Discipleship:
A Response to Ian S. Markham
Ross Kane
Public Theology and Public MissiologyRobert S. Heaney
The Priority of Public Witness: A Response to
Robert S. Heaney
John Y. H. Yieh
Liturgy and Public TheologyJames W. Farwell
Public Liturgy and Public Secularity:
A Response to James W. Farwell
Jean Cotting
Keeping Faith in the Public Square:
An Autobiographical
and Contextual Approach
Rose Hudson-Wilkin
On Reexamining Our Errors:
A Response to Rose Hudson-Wilkin
Hannah W. Matis
Public Theology: Characteristics
from the Multireligious Neighborhood
Lucinda Allen Mosher
Public Theology as Pastoral Encounter:
A Response to Lucinda Mosher
Veronika Travis
Public Theology as Religious Practice:
Anglican Mission and Interreligious Encounter
William L. Sachs
Faith-Rooted Thinking on Matters
of Public Concern:
A Muslim Reponse to William L. Sachs
Martin Nguyen
Public Theologies
and Anglican Futures
Robert S. Heaney
and Lucinda Allen Mosher


Murmuring MotifLizbeth Keiley
The GardenJames Matthew Wilson
An Apple of OddsCharles A. Peek
Encounter on a Street CornerWilliam Virgil Davis
The Beggar’s DreamWilliam Miller
Bringing Home Cows after EdenDavid Middleton

Review in Depth

The New Hermeneutical Situation
Darren Sarisky, Reading the Bible Theologically
Paul Allen

Book Reviews

Naim Stifan Ateek, A Palestinian Theology
of Liberation: The Bible, Justice,
and the Palestine-Israel Conflict
Craig Hovey
Duane R. Bidwell, When One Religion
Isn’t Enough: The Lives of Spiritually Fluid Peopl
Lucinda Mosher
Michael F. Bird, Jesus the Eternal Son:
Answering Adoptionist Christology
Justus H. Hunter
Christopher R. Brewer, editor,
Christian Theology and the Transformation
of Natural Religion: From Incarnation
to Sacramentality; Essays in Honour
of David Brown
Lizette Larson-Miller
Daniel Castelo, Pentecostalism
as a Christian Mystical Tradition
James Ryan Stambaugh
David L. Clough, On Animals,
vol. 2, Theological Ethics
Michael Gilmour
Ashley Cocksworth,
Prayer: A Guide for the Perplexed
Esther Dharmaraj
Marc Cortez, ReSourcing
Theological Anthropology: A Constructive
Account of Humanity in the Light of Christ
Maggi Jones
Robert C. Dykstra, Finding Ourselves Lost:
Ministry in an Age of Overwhelm
Anne Tomlinson
Joseph K. Gordon, Divine Scripture
in Human Understanding:
A Systematic Theology of the Christian Bible
Brad East
Paul J. Griffiths, Christian FleshAaron Klink
Jeffrey L. Johnson, editor, Stars Shall
Bend Their Voices: Poets’ Favorite Hymns
& Spiritual Songs
Carolyn Gelland
Erin Kidd and Jakob Karl Rinderknecht,
Putting God on the Map: Theology
and Conceptual Mapping
Eugene R. Schlesinger
Charles Marsh, Shea Tuttle,
and Daniel P. Rhodes, editors,
Can I Get a Witness?
Thirteen Peacemakers, Community Builders,
and Agitators for Faith and Justice
Jason B. Crawford
William Miller, The Crow Flew between UsDavid Craig
Adriani Milli Rodrigues,
Toward a Priestly Christology:
A Hermeneutical Study
of Christ’s Priesthood
Thomas Haviland-Pabst
Cornelis van der Kooi
and Gijsbert van den Brink,
Christian Dogmatics: An Introduction
J. Scott Jackson
Jean Vanier, We Need Each Other:
Responding to God’s Call to Live Together
Anna Greenwood Lee