Fall 2020 • Volume 102 • Number 4

Editors’ Notes

Editors’ NotesJason A. Fout and Scott MacDougall


Economic Democracy as Political Theology:
The British Anglican Socialist Tradition
Gary Dorrien
Erotic Absence and Sacramental Hope:
Rowan Williams on Augustinian Desire
Jonathan Jameson

Book Roundtable

Ellen Wondra’s Questioning Authority: The Theology and Practice of Authority in the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion

With Authority, Not as the ScribesMichael Nai Chiu Poon
Questioning Authority Examined through
the Lens of Receptive Ecumenism
Susan K. Wood
Ellen K. Wondra, Questioning Authority:
The Theology and Practice of Authority
in The Episcopal Church and
Anglican Communion
—a Lutheran Perspective
Miriam Haar
What We Can Learn
from Questioning Authority
Brian P. Flanagan
Response to Review Essays
on Questioning Authority:
The Theology and Practice of Authority
in The Episcopal Church
and Anglican Communion
Ellen K. Wondra


My son possessed such a gift of beautySean Edward Kinsella
Deo GratiasBonnie Thurston
After Dinner ConcertSamuel Hudson
OysterJames B. Nicola
BecomingLaura Rutland
DallasJohn Ogren

Review Article

“You Were Within, but I Was Outside
and Sought You There”: Martin Laird’s
Ressourcement of the Christian
Contemplative Tradition
Matthew A. Rothaus Moser

Book Reviews

O. Wesley Allen Jr., Protestant Worship:
A Multisensory Introduction for Students
and Practitioners
Kathryn A. Rickert
Alan L. Berger, Elie Wiesel:
Teacher, Mentor, and Friend
Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook
John J. Brugaletta, Selected PoemsJay S. Paul
Gail Cafferata, The Last Pastor:
Faithfully Steering a Closing Church
William Kondrath
Rachel Davies, Bonaventure,
the Body, and the Aesthetics
of Salvation
Katherine Wrisley Shelby
Leigh Finke, Dialogues on Race: Learner Book
Robin DiAngelo, White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard
for White People to Talk about Racism

Khyati Y. Joshi, White Christian
Privilege: The Illusion
of Religious Equality in America
Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook
Daniel M. Gurtner, Grant Macaskill,
and Jonathan T. Pennington, editors,
In the Fullness of Time: Essays on Christology,
Creation, and Eschatology in Honor
of Richard Bauckham
Sean Hannan
Tomáš Halík, I Want You to Be:
On the God of Love
Rachel Toombs
David Bentley Hart, That All Shall Be Saved:
Heaven, Hell, & Universal Salvation
Marshall A. Jolly
Stanley Hauerwas, The Character
of Virtue: Letters to a Godson
J. Columcille Dever
Suzanne Watts Henderson,
New Testament Conversations:
A Literary, Historical,
and Pluralistic Introduction
Kevin R. McCarty
J. Chester Johnson, Auden,
the Psalms and Me
Pamela Lee Cranston
Anne E. Kitch, Expectant: Advent MeditationsJan Robitscher
Gail Ramshaw, Saints on Sunday:
Voices from Our Past Enlivening Our Worship
Nancy Bryan
Ronald K. Rittgers and Vincent Evener,
editors, Protestants and Mysticism
in Reformation Europe
Erin Risch Zoutendam
James H. Thrall, Mystic Moderns:
Agency and Enchantment
in Evelyn Underhill,
May Sinclair, and Mary Webb
Tobias Stanislas Haller, BSG
Thomas H. Troeger, The End
of Preaching
Edgar “Trey” Clark III
Olivier-Thomas Venard,
A Poetic Christ: Thomist Reflections
on Scripture,
Language and Reality
Matthew A. Rothaus Moser
Rowan Williams, Being Human:
Bodies, Minds, Persons
Gregory D. Voiles