Summer 2005 Volume 87 • Number 3

Editor’s NotesCharles Hefling377
Faith and Imagination
Christopher Herbert379
Newman’s Tractarian HomileticsLawrence Poston399
A Manuscript of the King’s BookMargaret Christian423
The Mass Media and Faith: The Potentialities and Problems for the Church in our Television CultureMartha Smith Tatarnic447
AbstinenceCynthia Erlandson467
CommunionPeter Harris-Kunz468
The WildnernessWilliam Miller469
San Apollinaire in ClasseJennifer M. Phillips470
Review Article
The Force of AnalogyRobert Masson471
Book Reviews
Roger Beckwith, Elders in Every City: The Origin and Role of the Ordained MinistryJohn Koenig487
Trevor Beeson, Priests and Prelates: “The Daily Telegraph” Clerical ObituariesEileen M. Conway488
Don C. Benjamin, The Old Testament Story: An Introduction with CD-ROMMark A. Christian490
Rebecca M. Blank and William McGurn, Is the Market Moral? A Dialogue on Religion, Economics, and JusticeWendy Dackson492
Ronald W. Cooley, “Full of all knowledg”: George Herbert’s “Country Parson” and Early Modern Social DiscourseP. G. Stanwood493
Abigail Rian Evans, Healing Liturgies for the Seasons of LifeWilliam Seth Adams496
C. Michael Hawn, One Bread, One Body: Exploring Cultural Diversity in WorshipJ. Barrington Bates497
Jill M. Hudson, When Better Isn’t Enough: Evaluation Tools for the Twenty-First-Century ChurchSheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook498
Norman Jones, The English Reformation: Religion and Cultural AdaptationPaula S. Datsko Barker500
L. Greogry Jones and Stephanie Paulsell (eds.), The Scope of Our Art: The Vocation of the Theological TeacherDonn F. Morgan501
Karin Maag and John D. Witvliet (eds.), Worship in Medieval and Early Modern Europe: Change and Continuity in Religious PracticeRichard Geoffrey Leggett504
Martin Marty, Martin LutherJarrett A. Carty505
Hugh McCullum, Radical Compassion: The Life and Times of Archbishop Ted Scott, Tenth Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada (1971-1986)Alan L. Hayes507
Kilian McDonnell, The Other Hand of God: The Holy Spirit as Universal Touch and GoalJason A. Fout509
Jeremy Morris and Nicholas Sagovsky (eds.), The Unity We Have and the Unity We Seek: Ecumenical Prospects for the Third MillenniumAlyson Barnett-Cowan511
Sharan Newman, The Outcast Dove: A Catherine LeVendeur MysteryPeter C. Erb513
Michael Ramsey, The Anglican SpiritCharles Hefling514
Alan P. F. Sell, Philosophy, Dissent, and Nonconformity, 1689-1920Alan P. R. Gregory515
Stephen Spencer, William Temple: A Calling to ProphecyWendy Dackson517
Marjorie Hewitt Suchocki, Divinity and Diversity: A Christian Affirmation of Religious PluralismJoseph Molleur518
George Sumner, The First and the Last: The Claim of Jesus Christ and the Claims of Other Religious TraditionsJoseph Molleur521
Kathryn Tanner (ed.), Spirit in the Cities: Searching for Soul in the Urban LandscapeSean J. LaBat522
Ola Tjorholm, Visible Church, Visible Unity: Ecumenical Ecclesiology and “The Great Tradition in the Church”Iain Luke524
Christopher L. Webber (ed.), Give Us Grace: An Anthology of Anglican PrayersWilliam Seth Adams525
Richard E. Wentz, American Religious Traditions: The Shaping of Religion in the United States, with CD-ROMGardiner H. Shattuck, Jr.526
Readings at the Intersection of Culture and Faith, Why Bother with Belief?Catherine M. Wallace529