Winter 2022 • Volume 104 • Number 1

Thematic Issue: Revisiting Sacramental Theology in the Wake of Pandemic
Guest editor: James W. Farwell

Editor’s Notes

Editor’s introduction: revisiting sacramental theology in the wake of pandemic
James W. Farwell


Anglican adaptation to pandemic disease: a historical perspective
James F. Turrell

The banquet of the kingdom
Juan M. C. Oliver

Reality of presence in virtually mediated sacramentality: has sacramental theology
sustained us?
Lizette Larson-Miller

The pandemic’s mass: an Anglo-Catholic essay on certain Eucharistic issues raised
by COVID-19
Matthew S. C. Olver

Kenotic hospitality and the Eucharist: an alternative economy
Shauna Kubossek

Practicing Theology

Spiritual communion as a response to hunger for Christ
Ruth A. Meyers

A little Bethel and the pledge of God’s presence: worship in the household during
and after the pandemic
Samuel Torvend

Book Reviews

Fleming Rutledge, Means of Grace: A Year of Weekly Devotions
Justus D. Doenecke

Karen O’Donnell, Broken Bodies: The Eucharist, Mary, and the Body in Trauma Theology
James W. Farwell

Patrick B. Reyes, The Purpose Gap: Empowering Communities of Color to Find Meaning
and Thrive
Kendra E. Fredrickson-Laouini

Daniel J. Pedersen, Schleiermacher’s Theology of Sin and Nature: Agency, Value, and
Modern Theology
Thomas Haviland-Pabst

Stephen T. Asma, Why We Need Religion
Daniel W. Houck

Bill Wylie-Kellermann, Celebrant’s Flame: Daniel Berrigan in Memory and Reflection
Peter A. Huff

Martyn Percy with Ian S. Markham, Emma Percy and Francesca Po, The Study of Ministry:
A Comprehensive Survey of Theory and Best Practice
John L. Kater

Christine J. Hong, Decolonial Futures: Intercultural and Interreligious Intelligence
for Theological Education
Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook

Christian M. M. Brady, Beautiful and Terrible Things: A Christian Struggle with Suffering, Grief
and Hope
Joanne Leslie

Andrew Bishop, Eucharist Shaping and Hebert’s Liturgy and Society: Church, Mission
and Personhood
Eugene R. Schlesinger

Kimberly Hope Belcher, Eucharist and Receptive Ecumenism: From Thanksgiving
to Communion
Jason M. Smith

Adam B. Cohen, Religion and Human Flourishing
James W Stroud

Brian Draper and Howard Green, Soulful Nature: A Spiritual Field Guide
Francis Wade