Winter 2024 • Volume 106 • Number 1

Editors’ Note

Editors’ Notes
Jason A. Fout and Jennifer S. Hughes


Place and Land in Anglican Theology: Intercultural Theology in a Global World
Jesse Zink

Whipple’s Vision: Theology of the Land and Nineteenth-Century Episcopal Missions to Minnesota Native Americans
Andrew Ronnevik

Sacramental Action in Response to “Urban Crisis”: An Incarnational Critique of the General Convention Special Program
Ryan Scott Felder

Brief Introductions to Anglican Theology

Anglican Political Theology
Luke Bretherton

James K. Lee Book Roundtable

Religious and Medical Pedagogies of Healing
Kwok Pui-lan

Critique and Care in the Art of Reading
Suejeanne Koh

A Response to Pedagogies of Woundedness From An Asian American Lawyer’s Perspective
Thomas Kam Chu

The spiritual decay of care
Patrick B Reyes

Response to Review Essays on Pedagogies of Woundedness: Illness, Memoir, and the Ends of the Model Minority
James Kyung-Jin Lee

Review Essays/Review in Depth

From Artists to Influencers: A Review of Tara Isabella Burton’s Self-Made
Paul K. Mcclure

Review Essay: The Goods of Getting Human Flourishing Wrong
Thomas Breedlove

How We Are Changed: Reconstructing Episcopal History
Ellen K Wondra


And When They Were Departed
Lindon Stall

Epithalamion On Saint John’s Eve
Kat Hayes

Get behind me, Satan
Sarah Crowley Chestnut

What We Want of Everything
Stephen Kampa

Book Reviews

RD Crouse, Images of Pilgrimage: Paradise and Wilderness in Christian Spirituality
Charles Hefling

Chris E. W. Green, All Things Beautiful: An Aesthetic Christology
Joshua Zentner-Barrett

Stephen R. Haynes, Why Can’t Church Be More Like an AA Meeting: And Other Questions Christians Ask About Recovery
Holly Cardone

Hellena Moon and Emmanuel Y. Lartey, Postcolonial Practices of Care: A Project of Togetherness during COVID-19 and Racial Violence
Sarah Kye Price

David W. Peters, Post-Traumatic Jesus: A Healing Gospel for the Wounded
Molly James

John Raymaker and Piere Whalon, Attentive, Intelligent, Rational, and Responsible: Transforming Economics to Save the Planet
Brendan Barnicle

Brandan J. Robertson, Filled to Be Emptied: The Path to Liberation for Privileged People
William C Cruse

Muthuraj Swamy and Stephen Spencer, Listening Together: Global Anglican Perspectives on Renewal of Prayer and the Religious Life
Tobias Stanislas Haller Bsg

Christine Valters Paintner, The Love of Thousands: How Angels, Saints, and Ancestors Walk with Us Toward Holiness
Brendan Barnicle

Justin Welby, The Power of Reconciliation
Frank Wade

John West, Lessons and Carols: A Meditation on Recovery
John Draper